Metaldehyde 6% GR, Snail killer, high quality and effective snail killer, blue color granuel, or customized color


It is a new type pesticide with special temptation for mollusks kills of snail, slug and so on in thousands, which is used the prevention and elimination of snail and slug in the fields and the gardens.

Use methods and time: It is scattered on the bare ground or around the plant root; It is to be used in accoudancd with the habit of snail and slug for the better prevention and elimination.

It is used in March to June and September to November(period of snail's activity in spring and autumn) at the temperature of centigrade13 to 28. It is not proper to use in the dry season with the land temperature lower or higher or in the dormant period of the snail in summer and winter. It is used after the sunset but before the dark, and better in fine after rain in which the snail searches for food.


Metaldehyde has a toxicity profile identical to that for acetaldehyde, being mildly toxic. and a respiratory irritant at the 50 ppm level.

Metaldehyde-containing slug baits should be used with caution, as they are toxic to dogs and cats.If ingested by dogs or cats, tremors, drooling, and restlessness will proceed to seizures and death within hours to days if treatment is not started quickly. Due to this toxicity, pet owners may want to investigate alternatives which are not toxic to pets.The tablets resemble sweetmeats and do not taste bad, making accidental ingestion possible by children or even by adults unaware of their true nature. Their use was popular during the inter-war period and several cases of poisoning resulted. Baits may contain a bittering agent to prevent accidental consumption by pets or children.



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